The Phoenix Coyotes are learning how crucial good sportsmanship can be.  The NHL is investigating some of their poor post game behavior from Tuesday night. When you lose a big game, obviously their is some disappointment felt.  On Tuesday night the Los Angeles Kings grabbed a big overtime win over the Phoenix Coyotes to advance to the Stanley Cup finals.  While the Kings celebrated, the Coyotes threw tantrums.  They may have to answer for that now.

The NHL is investigating the Coyotes post game behavior to see just how bad it actually was.  While no one was hurt or injured, they made themselves look very bad in the eyes of many.  Martin Hanzel made a gesture at a referee, and some of the other team made some comments about the officials after the game.

Sources say that if it comes to it, the NHL could hand down some fines.  It won't go any further than fines though.  They'll also have to go to their rooms without supper, and the next day the NHL will take them over the Kings house to apologize.