The NHL has announced it will play a special game in the city named after the guy who discovered the Lone Star State. That’s probably the most you have ever learned about Texas in one sentence in your life.

The Dallas stars have announced that they will play a preseason game at Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas against the Phoenix Coyotes this preseason. This is a clear ploy for the NHL to test the strength of the southern market, as well as to see if their outdoor game gimmick will work below the Mason Dixon line.  

Now you may ask why they have chosen Phoenix and Texas for this great experiment. The reason is simple these are to gigantic markets  and if it was going to work for anyone down south it would be Dallas and Phoenix.  This is all well and good but I still stand firm that the winter classic has to be played in a city that has snow on the ground, if I start seeing a guy like Ryan Millar and Tim Thomas getting between the pipes with a palm tree as a back drop on New Years Day I’m gonna be sick.