Talks between BYU and the Big East conference have come to an end and it looks like BYU will not not be joining up, according to the Associated Press.

The Big East conference is trying to salvage what they have left in their collapsing conference.  One of their missions was westward expansion, and BYU was a big target for them, but BYU will not be joining.  A source close to both sides tells the Associated Press that the talks between the two are "dead".

BYU to the Big East is dead. It's not going to happen.

According to ESPN the deal breaker was that BYU wanted to keep it's TV rights for it's home games, but the league wouldn't agree to it.  BYU left the mountain west conference last season and became football independent.   The Big East is still working on getting schools like Boise State, Air Force to join as football only schools, but no news yet as to whether or not they will join.