Wow talk about a kick to the stomach. A slap in the head. A foot to the groin. Man am I bummed about the NFL doing away with the pro Bowl. Yeah like I will miss tax day. Like not at all.

Wow Roger Goodell, the dictator of the NFL must have really hated this worthless game, as the dictator is about to be done with, this according to ESPN's Chris Mortenson. Technically according to Mort the game will be "suspended". Yeah like a political campaign is "suspended" but mysteriously never starts up again.

The truth is the Pro Bowl was aweful. This past PB may have been the last straw but my last straw was when I was like 17 years old. The game was brutal and unwatchable. In fact all the all star games are except the baseball All Star game and even that 1 because of "this game counts" has gone down the tubes.

I can't and don't blame the players for not wanting to slam into each other or play defense. I wouldn't want to jeopardize my career in some meaningless game unless I was getting big cash to do it. If you counter with the game was for the fans, then I counter with the fans won't be supporting me if  I rip up my knee and can't play in the NFL anymore.

Let's face it Football without hitting and tackling is akin to cars without wheels. The AFC won the last pro bowl fiasco 59-41. there were more points then thuds.

I am not sure why Goodell hated the game so much though as he tries to turn the NFL into the no hit league. he should have loved the game as this seems to be his vision for the regular and post seasons.

For those who thought this game was good theater and will upset by it coming to an end all I can say is GET A LIFE.

For players who might be upset at possible loss of income due to the game being cancelled don't fret boys as balloting for  to pick the top players in the league will continue. This will help players keep those incentives they have for making this useless game.

The PB was so bad even the home folks in Hawaii booed the players. when you get booed by the nice folks on the islands you know the game is unwatchable.

From my perspective their was no way to save the game. You can't have football if you can't hit. I am surprised the game didn't demand the defensive players call out 7 Mississippi's before rushing the QB. As it was there was no blitzing in the game. The players hardly took it seriously and who can blame them. It was a chance to take the family on a nice vacation for a few days.

I am hoping the NHL will due away with their fiasco of an "all star game" next. talk about no hitting. However that is a topic for a new day.

So cry if you must. get angry if you must. I say goodbye and good riddence to this lousy game. Hey maybe now the dictator of the NFL can try and push for that 18 game schedule out 1 side of his mouth while he tells us how concerned he is about player safety from the other side of his mouth.