Well I wouldn't call and order tickets at this point if you are going back to NHL rinks, but small steps usually lead to progress, and if not then this whole charade should be over soon.

NHL negotiations have gone on for two days and get this will go into another day on Thursday. Wow, three straight days, bless my heart. "Secret" negotiations were held for a second straight day.

Wait, if they are "secret," how does it get reported on?

Six hours of talks took place on Wednesday with two issues in the forefront. What is now being called "make whole," which means in essence that owners will honor current contracts (what a concept). Owners first proposed players a plan where they would give back some of the money they are to earn via previously signed contracts. This almost makes me sick. Imagine demanding back money that you signed away with no gun to your head. I am shaking my head.

The second item that both sides focused in on was revenue sharing. Reports say the players union wants the more lucrative teams to dish money to the poorer teams. The figures that were reported are around 150 to 200 million dollars.

I have been firmly in the players' corner in this fight and remain so. The give back or "make whole" thing makes me wholly sick. Hey, it isn't my money but making a deal in good faith and then being told you have to give some back is just not right.

The league estimates that so far with games cancelled through the end of November as of now they have lost over $700 million in revenue.That is so much with only one month so far wiped out. Seems that the NHL was doing fine before the owners decided to close it down. I still stand firmly in the players end of the ice.