I mean what is the world coming too? Badminton? Really? What is next fixed spelling bees?

4 Badminton doubles teams have been kicked out of the 30th Olympiad for intending to lose matches to get a better draw. I mean you have to laugh at this stuff.

We have heard allegations of this in the NBA and other sports but the payoff is a better draft pick, not that it makes it right. But better draws and throwing matches in Badminton. LOL.

The 8 doubles players are from China, South Korea and Indonesia. The Indonesians and South Koreans are appealing the ruling. The Chinese did not.

Badminton changed the way the tournament is played. It used to be lose and you are out. Now they have a round robin format, so losing or winning sets up the next matchups.

For some reason IOC leader Jacques Rogge was their watching badminton. Really Rogge? All these great sports and you are watching Badminton. What a joke!

Reportedly these teams wanted to lose and go to the bottom of the draw, this setting up supposed "easier" matchups for the next round.

No refunds will be given for those that sat through the fixed games. 2004 Olympic singles Gold medal champ Taufik Hidayat called the entire thing " A circus". The Indonesians also accused the Chinese of throwing matches many times before...Ah nothing like sport to further relations around the world.

The Chinese earlier blamed the " West" for allegations that 1 of their female swimmers was using PED's for advantage.

What's next-Steroids used for Badminton!