Longtime New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza missed the Hall of Fame vote by less than 15%, it was announced on Wednesday afternoon.

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The 10x Silver Slugger has an offensive stat line that makes his the most dangerous bat to ever play the catcher position.

So what's holding him back?

"I vote for him every year," said ESPN's Tim Kurkjian. "He wasn't as bad of a defensive catcher as everyone makes him out to be otherwise he wouldn't have caught all those years.

"The pitchers, for the most part, loved to throw to him. So let's not make him out to be this horrendous defensive catcher."

Then there's the rumor that Piazza had back acne which was a symptom of using steroids and for that reason he is been snubbed out of Cooperstown.

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And no, that's not a joke. For real. Backne.

Whatever the reason is, get over it. The 12x All-Star deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and is one of the guys on the long list of individuals who continue to prove every year why Major League Baseball has to fix their holy grail.