If you’re in your 20’s to 50’s you know about the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. It turns out one of them is a MMA fighter willing to knock out all your teeth. 

The Green Ranger, AKA Tommy, warmed our hearts in the early to mid 90’s as the lovable do-gooder who helped the other rangers beat up big Asian monsters and junk.   I’m sorry I  just assumed that he stopped entertaining kinds in the mid 90’s, he played the guy for dam near 15 years, that right he was last a power ranger in 2004. Talk about being type cast, this guy had to play a ninja whose armor was spandex and a motorcycle helmet or go hungry for 15 years. I would want to break someone’s face in a cage too.

It turns out that the Green ranger or, Jason David Frank as he is known on the street, has moved from the inside of a giant robot, to the inside of a cage.  He is currently an MMA cage fighter in Houston, and pretty good at it.  I’m not surprised he was whooping on putties for 15 years I’m sure he can make some dude in Texas tap out inside of a cage.  He is undefeated in his armature league and 1-0 in his pro fights.(eat that Rita)   

The other night he got him self into trouble, after a fight an assistant to the promoter of his fight was collecting gloves that were loaned to the fighters for the fights. The Green Ranger “JDF” did not return his, so the guy set out to find him. After finding him a scuffle inside and Jason David Frank “the green Ranger” knocked out a fist full of this young promoter assistant’s teeth. (Zordon was not pleased)

Man I know you may be frustrated with your life and your career path, but the dude was only trying to collect some gloves back for his boss. That said I’m happy that the green ranger has moved on from protecting the human race to knocking the crap out of it.

Remember kids, once you go green your eventually going to be fighting for your meals inside of a cage. Now enjoy some of his highlights from the Green Ranger days.