Heading into Monday night's Home Run Derby, two players (Prince Fielder of the Tigers and Robinson Cano of the Yankees) had the opportunity to join Ken Griffey Jr. as the only ones to win the event multiple times. One was successful, while the other couldn't have been further from victory.

In round one, Jose Bautista jumped out to the lead hitting 11 home runs, with Carlos Beltran (7), Mark Trumbo (7), and Prince Fielder (5) joining him in the second round.

Failing to qualify for the semifinals were Carlos Gonzalez (4), Andrew McCutchen (4), Matt Kemp (1) who participated despite being on the disabled list, a move that was justifiably criticized by both Brian Noe on The Noe Show (1-3 PM on 104.5 The Team) and Bruce Jacobs on Game On with Bruce Jacobs (3-7 PM on 104.5 The Team), and Robinson Cano who failed to hit a single home run after winning last year's contest.

Cano was booed lustily throughout his turn at bat by the fans in Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium for his decision not to choose Royals designated hitter Billy Butler for the American League squad.

In the semifinals, the home runs from round one carried over and were added to the round one totals to decide the finalists. Prince Fielder hit 11 in the second round, giving him 16, enough to advance to the finals. He was joined by Jose Bautista, who only needed 2 in the semis to join Fielder. Trumbo's 6 (13 total) and Beltran's 5 (12 total) were not enough to qualify for the final round.

Batting first in the final round, the Fresh Prince of Fielder decided things before Bautista could even take to the plate again. He smashed 12 in the final round, besting Bautista who clubbed 7 before making his final out.

Fielder's victory makes him the second player in Home Run Derby history to win the event twice. He also won the Derby in 2009 in St. Louis.

Player of the Derby: Prince Fielder (28 total HRs, 12 in final round)

Most players get more exhausted and less powerful as the Derby goes on (see Hamilton, Josh). Prince Fielder hit more home runs in each round than he did in the previous one. He put on a show for the fans in Kansas City, who didn't deserve it after how they treated Cano, but they got one anyway.

“Good Job, Good Effort” Player of the Derby: Robinson Cano (0 HRs)

Cano may have been affected by the Kauffman Stadium crowd. He may have just had a bad day. Who knows? All I know is that he put up the first goose egg in the Home Run Derby since Brandon Inge in 2009. Good job, good effort, Robinson Cano.