A Texas Rangers fan during game 3 of the World Series made an unconscious decision by throwing away a piece of history. Why did he do it?

As you may recall from one of my previous stories Five Things Not To Do at a Baseball Game, the one thing I really don't like to see is when fans throw back the home run ball hit by an opposing team's player. The reason this still happens at just about every ball ballpark during practically every game is because most think that keeping that baseball is some sort of jinx to that home team. To me this is VERY ridiculous.

So fast forward to Saturday night during game 3 of the World Series. It's the 9th inning, with Albert Pujols at the plate. Pujols is one home run away from tying a major league World Series home run record and tying all sorts of World Series historical records. So during that at bat he sends another one into the left field seats for his third home run of the game. Then, it happened....

Yes, a Rangers fan decides to throw that baseball back onto the field. A baseball that has just been hit by a player who had just tied Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth as the ONLY players in MLB history to hit three home runs in a single World Series game! That ball also represents Pujols tying  World Series single game records for most hits and RBI. Pujols also broke the record for total bases in a single World Series Game!

But yet apparently that Rangers fan felt it was better to give that ball away so that a "jinx" could be lifted off of his beloved Rangers. Imagine that person talking to his kids or other family members some day. It would go something like this "Yes....I was at that game......I actually caught that home run ball hit by Albert Pujols.....but I decided OR...I was pressured into throwing that baseball back onto the field since it would jinx the Rangers." This is why the 'fan tradition' of throwing the opposing team's home run ball back onto the field is probably the most silliest tradition in all of sports. Period!