The Washington Redskins took informal player-organized workouts to a new level when they invited a random fan onto the practice field.

Only 23 players showed up on the last day of organized team workouts.  Washington Redskins inebacker London Fletcher asked the crowd in attendance who had "brought their stuff."  A former high school defensive back named Josh Richards brought his cleats.  He actually brought his cleats each day as an observer.

He went out and did a few ball drills with the defensive backs.  He was able to interact with the players and try to pick up some of the advanced terminology.  He also was interviewed by the media.  For a day, this kid got a taste of what it would be like to be a professional football player.

What a great story.  The one thing that's funny to me is how some people make these informal player-organized workouts out to be very important.  Some people believe that teams who are holding more informal practices than other teams during the NFL lockout, will have a significant advantage once the season starts.  Um, the Washington Redskins just practiced with a fan!  Don't make it sound like the Super Bowl is hanging on whether a handful of players on a certain team run around together in shorts from time to time.