How dumb can you be?  Seriously ask yourself that if you are Ryan Braun. Lets count the ways. 1) You know the league is testing for cheaters yet it looks like you cheated. 2) You are the star on your club especially since it looks like the Price is on the move. You are/were the face of the franchise. 3) You winning the NL MVP is a farce as it appears. 4) Your emotional MVP acceptance speech is/was a sham. 5) You recently signed a new deal that will pay you 150 million dollars 6) It appears you are lying about a dirty test.

I am so disgusted and yes disappointed about this discovery for many reasons. 1st let me point out the response is always." The test results are wrong." Yeah it's also possible I will be starting at QB for the Jets some day. No player has ever won an appeal. Ryan Braun? That was my 1st reaction. I still can't believe it. My gosh, do people ever worry about their legacy's, their good name, their reputation. I mean you are Braun you see what the court of public opinion has done to other cheaters and yet you are willing to toss that all away. Is anything Braun ever done been legit?  This and other questions need to be asked and answered. Can the Brewers if they so choose (and they won't) get out of that mega-deal they agreed to with Braun. Let me state for the record and I have said this before. I can deal with people who make mistakes and screw up-but I would not tolerate a steroid cheat on my club. No how. No chance. If I owned the Brewers I would cut him loose and try to get out of that contract. There are moral clauses in every contract and to me Braun broke this agreement. I am intolerant of roid users. Completely.

The last reason this bothers me so much is the Jewish connection. Let's be honest in many ways we root for our "own" to do good things. There is a pride that goes with it. Braun as 1 of the few Jewish players in the Major Leagues has many fans with that connection including myself and he has failed his fans if these tests are on the up and up. Braun is/was the best Jewish player in baseball today and now what is he? From all indications a cheater who tried to cut corners to enhance his performance. I’m just disgusted with this whole thing. Shame on you Ryan Braun!