One of the most talked about plays from Sunday's NFL conference championship action was the one in which Tom Brady of the New England Patriots ran for short yardage, and slid into Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed with his foot elevated and his spikes aimed at Reed's knee.

Fans on both sides of the issue have been defending the player they like the best, and the players themselves have been doing the same.

Recently, Ravens safety Bernard Pollard (who, incidentally, was the man who injured Tom Brady's knee and cost him his 2008 season) thinks that the NFL should take some sort of action to punish Brady for the play.

The NFL is at an interesting crossroads here, faced with the decision of punishing one of its most marketable and talented players by punishing Brady, or leaving the incident alone and directly contradicting commissioner Roger Goodell's recent crusade for player safety.

If you were Goodell and the rest of the powers that be in the NFL, what would you do? Would you fine, or even suspend Brady, or would you let the play go? Take our poll below and drop us a comment to let us know.