Oh sure we know whoever wins this epic game Sunday night takes the Nfc East title and goes to the playoffs but that's not the only thing on the line tonight in Jersey. The winner stands a decent chance of making it to round 2 as they would meet either the Lions or Falcons in the playoff opener. Neither Matt Ryan nor Matthew Stafford has ever won a playoff game let alone a road playoff game so either the Giants or Cowboys would be favored in that game.

But there is even bigger stakes if you are Tom Coughlin or Jason Garret the respective coaches. Like their jobs. Neither teams owners have made such a proclamation mind you but you can't ignore the evidence. If Dallas loses egomaniac and meddling owner Jerry Jones won't like being out of the playoff party. Will he strike out and can Garret? I would feel ok if I were Garret about my job  but  would I feel totally secure-NO WAY

Now if you are Tom Coughlin how are you feeling? The Giants would have missed the playoff fun for 3 straight years in spite of getting off to good starts. Not closing the deal year after year might cost Coughlin his gig even with the conservative Giants who don't toss coaches away like dimes especially 1 that has brought the Lombardi trophy home a few years back.

Then there are the players. For both teams this has been a turbulent year. Will A Giant victory secure some spots for the Osi's and Brandons and a few others. For the Cowboys what is Romo's future going to be like if he doesn't play in the post season again, especially after the team has blown 3 leads of at least 13 points this year alone after going 51 years with only 2 such leads dissapearing and losing. So many questions for both of these long time rivals and many of them will start to be answered at 8.30 pm EST tonight at Met Life.

I say the Giants get to Romo and that injured hand and win the game 31-20. Course I just locked up the NFC East for Dallas..LOL...