Videos involving soccer fans morphing into degenerate soccer fans are always interesting.

Emmanuel Eboue is the soccer player getting pelted with trash.  This guy used to play for Arsenal and is now playing for Galatasaray in Turkey.  (Galatasaray?  I'll buy an 'A', Vanna.)  Anyway, Turkish fans aren't fond of this guy because, wait for it, he has a reputation for diving. 

Huh?  This is soccer!  Soccer players are notorious for diving.  That's like getting mad at Tom Brady because he throws the ball.  I dig this video because it's completely random.   Emmanuel Eboue acts like he's getting pelted with sledgehammers.  The music is weird.  The slow motion is weird.  The gibberish at the top of the video is weird.  Yet, somehow, I love it.

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