Good gosh how wrong can I be. I am  embarrassed. I not only had the Spurs winning it all I pegged them as an all time great team. Man was I wrong. I mean really really really wrong.

I admit I got sucked in by the 20 game win streak. I got smoke screened by the run through the 1st 2 rounds. I never diminished OKC but thought the Spurs were unbeatable. Turns out they were very beatable by a very good team.

The Thunder take game 6 107-99 and do it by rallying from 15 down at the half. It was the largest   half time lead EVER BLOWN by the 4 time champion Spurs in a playoff game. I am flat out stunned I won't lie.

Everything went down for the Spurs in the 1st half. Nothing much in the 2nd. Stephan Jackson couldn't miss hitting on 5 long balls in the 1st half alone. His absurd taunting tech didn't help.

Now you will hear about age from the 'experts" -----NONSENSE! They use that line for the Celtics-only after they lose  a game. The Spurs for the 1st time in a long time infused some youth into their lineup. It is almost ironic that what won the Spurs championships failed them in the OKC series-Defense. The Spurs sacrificed their defense for their offense and it came up short.

I really felt they had all the ingredients to not only win the title but romp their way to it. I was sooooooo wrong. It wasn't age that did in the Spurs. They have some snow on the roof but it isn't a blizzard by any means. The Spurs will be fine. I really thought they would be great.

Credit to the Thunder. The 4 some of Durant, Westbrook,Ibaka and Hardin is really special and fun to watch. I didn't think and part of me still doesn't think they are better then the Spurs-but they are.

I expect to get abused by the audience in the next 2 days. Yes I was blabbing like chatty patty on my program (Game on with Bruce Jacobs on 1045 the Team-ESPN Radio) and I deserve it. Seems I have been saying this a lot lately. Thanks a lot San Antonio!!!