According to Yahoo sports, the San Antonio Spurs may be interested in dealing their star point guard in exchange for a high draft pick.

Tony Parker may go to the highest bidder.  Unfortunately for Tony, the only bidders right now are the Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings.  The Spurs are looking for a high draft pick, and Parker looks like the collateral damage.

The Spurs are getting older so a young big man may be just what they need.  Both Toronto and Sacramento have high lottery picks for Thursday's NBA draft, and both could also benefit greatly from Parkers talents.

Parker may have also written his own ticket out of town because of a report that he gave to a French reporter saying that he believed that the Spurs chances of another championship in the Duncan era may be gone due to the fact that most of the team is getting older.  He denies saying that, but he has said stuff to that effect before.

We would hate to see Tony end up in a place like Toronto.  Unless that team trades for a miracle, they will always be one of the NBA's worst.  If it goes through and he gets traded to Sacramento, who knows where he'll be playing because that team is on the move.  Either way, it looks like San Antonio is looking to make a move and not even their beloved Tony Parker is safe.