Austin Romine

Rangers Take Two Of Three From Yankees
It was a rubber-match game and anything can happen in rubber-match games.  Hell, anything can happen in baseball, right John Sterling?  Including a very good pitching performance.  Or, a very good pitching performance and an excellent one.
Why The Yankees Are In First Place
The demise of the Yankees was written at least a dozen times from February 1 until now.  The injuries, oh the injuries.  But baseball people must not have been baseball people through and through because they forgot that CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera were still around and the bull…
Yankees Collect Crucial Win Against Angels 6-5
The New York Yankees won one of their best games on Sunday as they finally solved the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and defeated them 6-5. Mariano Rivera collected his 599th career save and more importantly the Yankees now have a 4 game lead in the loss column against the Red Sox in the AL East divi…