Jordan Carver — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Born in Munich, Germany, Jordan Carver is a glamor model that’s appeared in popular UK magazines like Lads and Slitz. She is finally breaking through in the US and her trip to Oktoberfest was recently featured on the Playboy website The Smoking Jacket. Jordan is our crush today in preparation for Br…
World’s Tallest Model May Pose for Playboy [VIDEO]
Amazon Eve, who at 6 '8 is the world's tallest model, is thinking about posing nude for Playboy.
Besides modeling, the 31-year-old, born Erika Ervin, also works a fitness trainer, a wrestler and a dominatrix.
According to Amazon Eve, the only magazine she would pose nude in is Playboy, becau…
Hottie Tuesday
Ahh, yes.  It's my favorite day of the week Capital Region.  I have some fabulous news about -- yes -- more hotties.