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Disappointment Reigns as California Chrome Loses Triple Crown Bid
This wasn't supposed to happen.
On a gorgeous Long Island day - with over 100,000 bearing witness, with the last three jockeys to win the Triple Crown there to give their blessing - this wasn't supposed to happen.
California Chrome wasn't supposed to lose.  This rags-to-riches story wasn't supposed to…
Four Expectations for Saturday
Horse racing is all about expectation.  What do you expect to happen, and how much can you profit off it if you're right.  Here are four things to expect on Belmont Day.
Belmont Stakes Friday Notes
After three weeks of building crescendo, the anticipation for the Belmont Stakes is just about ready to hit fever pitch.  In just a little over 24 hours, California Chrome will take to the Belmont Park track and run for his shot at history, racing's first Triple Crown since 1978.
Today, with the park…
Belmont Stakes Preview Part II
For longer than I'd care to discuss, I've been sitting here trying to think of something profound with which to open.  Something significant.  Something deep.
After all, I may well be penning this column on the eve of history, and I'm certainly doing it at the apex of a months-long crescendo.  My sen…
Belmont Stakes Preview Part I
The Triple Crown has become like the quest for the Holy Grail. Many have sought it, most have never came close, and the few who got within arm's length let it slip through their delicate German fingers.
For 36 years the Triple Crown has gone unclaimed. Will that streak be extended to 37? Or do we fin…
Preakness Post 1-9.
If you are wondering what horses are going where for this Saturday's Preakness race, Derby winner Orb is at post #1 which is against the rail.  The rest is below with jockeys and odds.

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