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Sixers Win Lottery
The Philadelphia 76ers had the ping-pong balls bounce their way last night as they managed to win the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.
"The city has endured a lot over the past three seasons," 76ers head coach Brett Brown said after his team won the lottery...
Bill Russell Statue to Be Unveiled in Boston
BOSTON (AP) — It's a day to honor another of Boston's greatest sports champions.
A statue of former Celtics star Bill Russell is scheduled to be unveiled Friday at City Hall Plaza.
Russell played center from 1956 to 1969, also serving as player-coach for three seasons. Dur...
Knicks’ Offseason Approach Should Have Been Different
You know what happens when you destroy your roster for years?  Bad contracts and no way to get out.  That is the Knicks.  But a few things still should have happened with this cash-strapped ball club this off-season to make things better instead of what they did.  And here they a…
Danny Ainge And The Celtics Make A Stunning Move
The basketball talking heads, myself included, pondered the names from which we assumed the Celtics would choose from for a new head coach to replace Doc Rivers. George Karl-check....Lionel Hollins-check......Vinny Del Negro--check. Brad Stevens-What...
Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Traded To The LA Clippers
After being rebuffed by David Stern and the NBA about trading players and a coach in the same deal, the Boston Celtics and the LA Clippers finally made the deal that brings Rivers to the Clippers and a 1st round pick to the Celtics.
After much negotiations, and discussions breaking down then starting…
Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan Talks With The Team
Bob Ryan, legendary NBA columnist and reporter for the Boston Globe, recently joined Mike Lindsley on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio to talk NBA playoffs, LeBron James and his Mount Rushmore and All-NBA First Team roster in league history.  Listen here:
Will The Knicks Championship Hopes Be Derailed By Rihanna
Many of us Knick fans have hopes, long shot that it may be, that a title is coming to New York courtesy of the NY Knicks. However the chances of that get slimmer with every 3 for 17 shooting performance by J.R. Smith. Now we may have our answers why Smith has shot the ball so poorly and he has been …

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