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Local Places Offer Free and Safe Viewing Of Solar Eclipse
No need for the the cereal box, duct tape, and youtube videos! If you're one of the many Capital Region residents that spent the weekend trying to make the proper "eclipse glasses" or are freaking out because you have no "safe" way to view today's scient…
Full List of 2017 Capital Region MLB Draftees
The capital region has a recent run of success when it comes to having local products selected in the MLB Draft. In the 2015 picture above, Niskayuna's own Garrett Whitley was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays' thirteenth overall. Just last season Ian Anderson was the third overall pick in the…
MLB Pitcher and Spa Catholic Grad Joins The Team
After nine years in San Diego, Spa Catholic graduate Tim Stauffer has joined the Minnesota Twins.
On Friday, Stauffer joined "Armen and Levack" to talk about his new home, the Capital Region professional baseball scene, the Tommy John outbreak and more...
New Winter Sport, Capital Region: “Snow Swimming”
As we're having one of the worst winters ever in the Capital Region, what should we do with all of this snow!? These two knuckleheads in Minnesota have a proposal, they call it "Snow Swimming".
On second thought, I think I'll just stick to drinking a lot of beer inside whi…
The NFL Lockout Continues
The NFL lockout is now in its 55th day and the reality of having no football this fall is starting to sink in.
What's even more alarming is how this lockout will affect us here in the Capital Region.

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