Kyle Fuller Confirms Visit Date with Jets
Former Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller is having a busy month leading up to the draft. He has either visited or is set to visit the Bears, Colts, Bengals, Raiders, Broncos and Jets before the draft.
On Saturday, 104.5 The Team confirmed, via text message with Fuller, that the 6-foot-0 cornerback…
Cromartie Speaks Against NFL’s Weed Policy
Last week, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie was on some show that no one has ever heard of called This is 50.
During the interview, Cromartie gave an honest opinion when asked about the NFL's drug policy, specifically marijuana:
"They need to just let it go," sai…
Sherman Says ‘Thug’ = N-Word [Poll]
We're now more than midway into the week, four days after Richard Sherman's now infamous post-game rant on Sunday night. And somehow, this story keeps giving.
The Seattle Seahawks cornerback was asked about the way he's been talked about in relation to the word 'thug'...