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Hunter Pence Erin Andrews Interview Gets Awkward [VIDEO]
Everyone knows I have love for former Valley Cat Hunter Pence, so I was stoked last night when he hit that first inning 2-run home run. I also enjoy the fine work of Erin Andrews...except for that probiotics commercial. So this was fun to watch the awkwardness when Erin asks Hunter a question and he…
Reason 1,000,090 Why The Media Sucks
Ok maybe that number is a little high, but maybe not. There in no official count mind you, but if there were it could be approaching that lofty number.
1st it was Knick Guard and new sensation Jeremy Lin, now it is cultural icon and New Jet Tim Tebow...
Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nude Video
When staying in a hotel, there is an expectation of privacy, right? Well, ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews lost that privacy big time in 2008 when video was taken of her naked through a hole in her hotel room wall and then leaked onto the Internet. Andrews is now filing suit.