Field Yates

Field Yates On The Fallout Of A Crazy Monday Night [AUDIO]
Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday we got a special visit from ESPN Fantasy Football and on the Field Football Insider Field Yates. On the heels of one of the most exciting and high scoring National Football League history Field helps us make sense of what this means for the rest of the season.
Field Yates Live From The ESPN Campus [AUDIO]
It's been a great day on the ESPN Campus in Bristol! We normally talk to our friend Field Yates on Thursday's thanks to Mohawk Army Navy but since we were on campus Field agreed to hang out with us in person on a Tuesday.

We Ask Field Yates How Real Is Nick Mullens? [AUDIO]
This week when ESPN NFL and Fantasy Football insider Field Yates joined us we were loaded with Quarterback questions. A week ago an undrafted QB put together one of the best performances in league history. Was that a product of skill, coaching, a terrible opponent or a combination of all those facto…
NFL Trade Deadline Recap With Field Yates [AUDIO]
Thanks to Mohawk Army Navy Field Yates was on today's show talking football post NFL Trade Deadline. Did any team make a deal that was true head scratcher to Field? Was there a trade he truly hoped to see that didn't take place? All the post trade insight as well as the latest news on the …
Is There Anyway Field Yates Would Trade OBJ? [AUDIO]
Every week NFL and Fantasy Football Insider Field Yates joins us to discuss the moves both in the NFL and in Fantasy Football. This week with the NFL trade deadline approaching we ask Field about moves that could be in the future of all three New York Football teams as well as is there any player or…
Who Would Field Yates Trade Sam Darnold For? [AUDIO]
ESPN NFL Insider and Fantasy Expert Field Yates joins the show every Thursday thanks to our friends at Mohawk Army Navy. This week the Fantasy Football waiver wire seems sparse and will there be any LeVeon Bell sightings in Pittsburgh this week?
What Is LeVeon Bell’s Fantasy Football Impact This Season? [AUDIO]
Field Yates joins Levack and Goz every Thursday thanks to Mohawk Army Navy. This week is not the brightest for the New York NFL teams. The Giants, Jets and Bills have all fallen on hard times. Which of the three does Field think needs a win the worst this week? There's also the burning question…
Field Yates With Waiver Wire And Other NFL Advice [AUDIO]
Field Yates joins us weekly to break down the latest news from all over the NFL and try to salvage our Fantasy Football seasons with whatever advice he can offer. This season in particular seems to be tougher than normal when it comes to finding sleepers, injury replacements and all around waiver wi…
Field Yates Prepares us For Another NFL Weekend [AUDIO]
Field Yates joined us live over the phone to prepare us for another great weekend of NFL football both on the field and in Fantasy. Yates is one of the hosts from the Fantasy Football Podcast and a former NFL Front Office exec. Thanks to Mohawk Army Navy for sponsoring Field ad all his insight.
Field Yates On Fantasy And New York Football [AUDIO]
Every Thursday Field Yates joins the Levack and Goz show to discuss football both on the field and in your fantasy league thanks to our friends at Mohawk Army Navy. This week the focus of many is on who did better in the 2018 NFL Draft. Did the Giants make a mistake passing over Sam Darnold or is Sa…
Field Yates Helps Us All Win Fantasy Football [AUDIO]
Thanks to our friends at Mohawk Army Navy we will be joined every Thursday by ESPN Football Insider Field Yates. This week Field helps us understand the real front office issues facing the top players in the league like Khalil Mack and LeVeon Bell and gives us some Fantasy tips as well.
Recapping The Super Bowl With Field Yates [AUDIO]
IT's been a great year talking football both Fantasy and on the field with ESPN NFL Insider Field Yates thanks to our friends at Mohawk Army Navy. Normally Field would join us on Thursday at 4:15 but he was nice enough to call in on Monday after Super Bowl 52.

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