Marshawn Lynch Delivers Best Post Game Presser [Video]
Everyone one knows that Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, loves the game of football and hates talking with the media.
During last years Super Bowl Lynch hid from the reports during Seahawks media day. Last week Lynch was fined $100,000 by the league for not taking media questions af…
Yankees Fan Takes A Snooze During Game [Video]
During last nights final game between AL East rivals New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, a Yankee fan just couldn't resist a mid game nap in the fourth inning. This video catches the fan sleeping just a half inning after Carlos Beltran nailed a home run to put the Yankees in the lead 2-1...
Clip of Day: Carlin on Football
George Carlin is the master - in this bit he talks about how we as Americans have football because it's almost like a war game - which then makes us desensitized to war. Only Carlin can take a serious political subject, combine it with football, and make it hilarious.
My Quest For A Terps Helmet
As you know, I'm a University of Maryland graduate and a huge Terps fan.  But my latest quest has taken on a whole new meaning of the term, "fanatic."