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The Aftermath in OKC (AUDIO)
Heartbreak struck the Oklahoma City sports community on Monday as Kevin Durant announced his attention to leave the organization for Golden State.
After squandering a 3-1 series lead against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Durant opted to leave the Thunder for the Warriors...
What To Do With Russell Westbrook?
With the unlikelihood of Kevin Durant pulling a "DeAndre Jordan" and reversing his decision to join the Golden State Warriors and coming back to Oklahoma City, the Thunder are now in an unfortunate predicament. What do they do with their other star, Russell Westbrook...
How to Handle Losing/OKC Class Act
Statement from OKC on Kevin Durant leaving:
“Kevin's contributions to our organization during his nine years were profound, on and off the court," Thunder Chairman Clayton I. Bennett said. "He helped the Thunder grow and succeed in immeasurable ways and impacted the commu…
BREAKING: Durant to Join Golden State
It is not yet official, but Kevin Durant is leaving Oklahoma City for Oakland. The NBA superstar is joining the Warriors to try to compete for championships, something he has fallen short of with the Thunder.
Durant broke the news on the Players' Tribune:
This has a multiple pronged effect:
Is KP A Unicorn? KD Says Yes [VIDEO]
It's easy for me a mere mortal to be excited about the potential and skill that Kristaps Porzingis has, but when one of the Games greats makes mythological comparisons things are getting real for the Knicks rookie.
Oklahome Thunder's Kevin Durant is preparing to play Porzingis and the Knick…
NBA Awards Predictions
It's opening night for the NBA's 2014-15 regular season, today's our last chance to make projections for the upcoming season.
This year's campaign starts with a plethora of story-lines. The return of King James to the holy land of Cleveland, Ohio. The...
Former Local Star Needs Help of Capital Region
Luther "Ticky" Burden used to wow the Capital Region with his play on the basketball court.
But the former Phillip Schuyler High School star, who played for the New York Knicks, and shined at the 1974 FIBA World Championships (20.2 ppg) now needs the help of those who used to watch …
NBA Official Issues Statement After Bad Call
There can't be a playoff series without a little controversy.
With 17 second left, during the 105-104 Oklahoma City Thunder victory over the Los Angeles Clippers a possible series deciding call was made.
After Russel Westbrook stole the ball...

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