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Levack’s Fantasy Football Lockouts [VIDEO]
Every week during the NFL season I will make my "Levack's Locks powered by Deathwish Coffee the World's Strongest Coffee." Before that I'll be preparing for the season with various Locks. Today I turn my focus to "Lockouts" which are Fantasy Football players I feel…
Levack’s Sleeper Fantasy Football Locks [VIDEO]
The Levack and Goz Training Camp Tour has opened my eyes to some potential Fantasy Football Sleepers. Let's be clear, if you over draft these players don't blame me. However if you're looking for some late round players I have three for you to keep an eye on. I plan on possibly grabbi…
Levack’s Five Bold NFL Predictions [VIDEO]
The NFL season is almost here again and our great friends at Deathwish Coffee are bringing back their Fantasy Football League AND I'm bringing back the "Levack Deathwish Locks...the World's Strongest Locks." Let's have a little fun and make some off the wall predictions almo…
Look Out For The Giants In Levack’s Locks [AUDIO]
This week in my Death Wish Coffee Levack's locks I am all in on Big Blue. I have two other picks as well but there's something about what the Giants have been through that bonds a team. I think they rally behind Eli Manning and perform at a high level.

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