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Levack’s Week 12 Locks Powered By Death Wish Coffee
This is a big week for the Locks! I need extra Death Wish Coffee! I did three picks for Thanksgiving Day and now I have three more for this week! Going with the gut here. Three games on Thursday means two less to choose from this weekend.
Levack’s Thanksgiving Day Football Locks
Every week I do my locks but I have the entire weekend to choose from so the Thanksgiving Day picks are a little tougher as I pick all three no matter how much I like them. The plus side is I actually do like these games so let's go! Last week I went 1-2 taking the season total to 19-15-1
Levack’s Week 9 Locks Powered By Deathwish [VIDEO]
Starting to sound like a broken record over here after another 1-2 week for my locks. I have legit excuses after last week but excuses don't pay the bills. So back to the drawing board and here's three more picks which will hopefully improve my 11-12-1 season total.
Time To Bounce Back With Levack’s Week 8 Locks [VIDEO]
This time of year is normally no news is good news as the trade deadline approaches in the NFL. However this year it’s like the MLB has possessed the NFL with blockbuster deals going down almost daily. I have to admit I am avoiding certain teams this week because I’m just not sure if t…
Levack’s Week 7 Locks Powered By Deathwish Coffee [VIDEO]
Little bit of a rough patch last week. I posted a 1 - 2 record. First losing week since Week three when I still thought the New York Giants were trying to actually win football games. Season record is a very average 9-8-1. Let's rip into Week seven.

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