manny being manny

Manny Ramirez Dressed Up As The Hulk In Taiwan
With his major league career behind him, former Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez is now playing baseball for the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan. As you can imagine, baseball is a little different in other countries. The players aren't quite as skilled, the fans' chant through much of the game an…
Manny Ramirez to Play In Taiwan
Former major league headcase Manny Ramirez is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan on Monday and sign a contract to play with the EDA Rhinos in the China Professional Baseball League, his agent said. No terms have been disclosed.
Clip of the Day: Mound Murder
Wow Manny being Manson! Manny Ramirez tried to straight up murder Roy Oswalt. Manny sent a line drive right at Roy’s face section and makes contact. I hate the Phillies like all other sane people but not enough to try and off Oswalt. If you have a clip you think is “Clip of the…