NBA Players as Emojis
Leave it to Darren Rovell to post this: How do you represent your favorite NBA players past and present in emojis?
My Top 3:
1. Lance Stephenson: I give extra creativity to the dual-emoji. The wind blowing is a clever and clear reference to Stephenson blowing in LeBron James' ear while Stephenson…
Zappone Poll: Albany School Coach Fired Over Retweet
Zoe Naylor was working as the coach of the girl's modified softball team at Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School when she sent a re-tweet on Twitter within the last few days that got the attention of parents.
A tweet was re-tweeted from Naylor's twitter account, which had 464 followers, with an il…
Should College Coaches Ban Social Media (POLL)
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have changed the game for athletes and fans.
In today's society  you don't have to say anything  directly to an athlete, you can hide behind social media and bash players and teams without anyone knowing who you are...
Super Bowl Breaks TV Records, Again
The NFL is a very, very powerful product.
Even though the Super Bowl's 43-8 final score proved to be an uneventful game, we all watched. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
Super 48 at MetLife Stadium set the record for the most-watched television event in U...
Brandon Jacobs Receives Threatening Tweets
Giants running back Brandon Jacobs did not play Monday Night against the Giants because of a nagging hamstring. How insensitive of Jacobs to not think about how that affects fantasy teams around the country, at least that's what one fan was thinking...

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