Virgina Earthquake Shakes Albany, NYC, DC, and The Northeast
An earthquake epicentered in Virginia occurred Tuesday afternoon, with people in Washington, DC, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Toronto reporting they felt the tremors, as well.
Reports thus far indicate the quake registered a 5.9 on the Richter scale.
Earthquake in Virginia Shakes Albany, DC, Boston, NYC
You had to have felt that small earthquake just before 2PM this afternoon - it was a pretty widely felt quake. Preliminary reports say that the quake was 5.8 and hit in Virginia. People from DC to NYC and Boston, plus here in Albany felt the shaking...
Sinkoff’s Travel Disaster
When the bright spot of a trip to Norfolk, Virginia for a funeral is the actual funeral, you know it had to be a bad journey.
When your flight gets delayed, then cancelled and you end up at your destination almost 24 hours later than you were supposed to, it just gives all new meaning to the ter…
Winter Weather Advisory
It is winter in Albany after all and so we shouldn't be surprised when we get snow but alas we generally are. The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a Winter Weather Advisory.