For the first time since having knee surgery Terrell Owens did his first public workout yesterday.  Besides some press, no one was there to watch him workout.  Not one NFL team sent a representative to see the workout. 

Despite no one sowing up to watch his workout yesterday, Terrell Owens remains confident that some team will give him a job this season in the NFL.  His workout was televised on the NFL Network, and now he will have to hope that one of the teams DVRed it.

After the workout Owens said that he felt good, and said that the workout that everyone saw  was actually shorter than what he has been doing in the past couple of weeks.  His agent Drew Rosenhaus maintains that T.O. can help any team win.  They will be sending tapes of the workout to potential candidates.

Realistically though, Owens is 37 and coming off ACL surgery, something that is very hard to come back from.   Yahoo Sports reports that he took long breaks in between drills, but seemed to have no problems with his recently repaired knee.  Charles Davis of the NFL Network said that teams looking into Owens would want to see this process sped up to see how winded he would get.