Ah yes good old Bill Veck. The late Mr. Veck came up with some doozy's when he owned the Chicago White Sox back in the day. There was the night he started allowing dogs into the ballpark. He signed a midget named Eddie Gadell. He brought back ancient Minnie Minoso so he could play in 4 decades. All creative but nothing topped his disco demolition night. Designed to smash disco records ( yes records in those days_ it got so bad the night cap of the double header had to be postponed. All with good intention mind you. Then there is the brains behind what the Cleveland Browns promotion department had planned for Sunday vs the Steelers.

Someone in the organization thought it was a good idea to hand out white flags to all fans. Hello??? White flag means surrender or if you like French jokes well never mind.

Yes some genius thought it would be a "bonding" moment for the poor Browns fans. Why not dog biscuits for all, not just those sitting in the dog pound. Nope white flags. You can't make this stuff up.

However after the fans cried foul the idea was scrapped. Some would argue the Browns organization waved the white flag a loooong time ago.

Browns spokesman Neil Gulkas said of the awful idea " The team scrapped the idea in the best interests of everyone. It was something that was intended to be fun for our fans and that they could rally around, and we regret  that some didn't perceive it that way."

The idea was so bad that even some Browns players protested. I am guessing only the French fans thought it was a good idea ( There I go with the French reference again).

Luckily for the Brownie faithful it was the Pittsburgh Steelers that needed to be draped in a bag not a flag. The Steelers behind back up QB Charlie Batch turned the ball over an astounding 8 times in losing their 2nd straight 20-14 at the Dog Pound Sunday and yes Cleveland spoke loud and clear- we may not be good but we aren't French ( Sorry couldn't resist 1 more shot)