Our country is locked in crisis, from debt to unemployment to scandals popping up every day, yet the pinheads in Washington want to stick their nose where it doesn't belong, in Football.

You want bipartisanship  well you got it as both sides of the isle have decided the heck with all these issues and much more let's tell the Redskins they have to change their names.

Republicans and democrats wrote a letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder urging him to change the name of the team, and some tried foolishly of course to try and equate the name Redskins with  the " N" word. This is what we taxpayers are wasting our money on.

If Redskins owner Daniel Synder holds true to his word, he vowed " I will never change the name" after a recent attempt from the local yokels in state politics in DC tried to tell Snyder to change the name. Now the piling on from the federal fools.

10 Washington clowns sent a letter to Snyder urging him to change the name. The bipart group includes Republican Tom Cole of Oklahoma and democrat Betty McCollum from Minnesota.

There have been a number of challenges to the Redskins name over the years. All have failed. It should be noted that none of these yahoo's in Washington can force the Redskins to change their name.

What is interesting is that the letter also went to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Goodell has a habit of grabbing his ankles for Washington.

In the letter to Goodell and Snyder their was no "timetable" given or demanded to make the change.

Will Snyder hold firm this time and be defiant. I hope so.