Oh how I am enjoying the colossal flop that is Phillies Baseball. As a Met fan I am enjoying this way too much. The Mets clobbered the hapless Phils Tuesday night at Citifield 11-1 running the latest Phils losing skid to 6.

The big ticket Phils who were handed the division by the "experts" at the start of the season are now 10 games below 500 and 12 games out of 1st place. They have played worse since the return of their all star 2nd baseman Chase Utley.

As a Met fan, and knowing pain inflicted by the Phillies i am enjoying the demise of the Phils. Sure Halliday has been sidelined but that pitching staff should be deep enough to at least keep the team in it. I said Cliff Lee would go down as 1 of the worst free agent acquisitions. He has all of NO wins heading into today's game with the Mets. Met fans were loud and full of fun watching the Mets beat down Charlie Manuel's club 11-1 in the opener of the 3 game set Tuesday Night.

It was the Phillies who  rubbed it into the Mets and Met fans face  during the choke of the Mets in 2007. Go see Jimmy Rollins comments for example. Now it's payback time and we Met fans are  enjoying watching this team struggle.

Daniel Murphy and David Wright drove in 4 runs as the Mets clobbered Vince Worley and anything else the Phils wanted to toss out. Who would have guessed that the Mets offense would shame the Phillies "attack".

The Mets and Phils despite being rivals for years had never competed in a pennant race until the Mets blew a then record 7 game lead on September 1st.  That since has been eclipsed.

The desperate Phils are now yakking about getting back Roy Halliday and Ryan Howard. Hey that's nice. The Phils are finished. Too far to comeback and too many teams to hop over. Besides the nationals (my pick at the start) are the best team in the east and will win that division unless injuries hit.

Nope Phillies fan you won't be adding to your pennant total this year.  In the last week veterans Jim Thome and Chad Qualls have been dealt as a roster sweep could be coming.

So my beloved Philly fans, 5 years later may I say with a big smile to enjoy your long, boring summer playing meaningless games.  I am going to enjoy taking many pot shots at this seasons biggest flop and getting Philly fans in my audience (Game On-3/7pm est on 1045 The Team-Espn radio) all uptight and angry waiting for their beloved Eagles to do their usual  nose dive. Nothing beats a Philadelphia fan scorned, especially a Phillies fan :)