If the Eagles' epic comeback win against the Giants wasn't bad enough, the Eagles found another way to screw the G-Men last night.The Eagles didn't intentionally screw the Giants.  They just accidentally hosed the G-Men by losing to the Vikings on Tuesday night 24-14.  By losing to the Vikings, the Eagles basically ended the Giants playoff hopes, which were already bleak to begin with.

The only way the Giants can make the playoffs is if the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday.  The Giants would also have to beat the Redskins.

With the Eagles losing, the Bears clinched the #2 seed and a 1st-round bye.  The Bears can rest their starters against the Packers, and won't see their playoff seeding suffer if they lose.

That's a good position for the Bears to be in.  It's a really bad position for the Giants.  The G-Men are hanging by a thread and need a minor miracle to make the playoffs now.