I am heavily invested in the Jets. Number 1 they are my favorite football team. 2-My radio station (1045 The Team-ESPN Radio) carries their games so winning means more listeners. Having said that I am tired of Darrelle Revis and would let him rot on his couch this time.

Yes we have been here before. Revis threatens holdout. Revis holds out. The Jets buckle. The story seems to be about the same this time. Except this time if I am the Jets no new deal on Revis terms, only on my (the Jets terms).

Last time was only 2 years ago. Revis held out then got what he wanted. A front loaded deal with a huge signing bonus. Since that time Revis play has slipped a little bit and this time he has little credibility in my opinion for another holdout.

The question is do the Jets buckle every time Revis or another player threatens to sit out? I say when it fits their business model and they can make a deal that is good for both go ahead but at some time you gotta just say no more to a player.

Revis wasn't great last year. the Jets defense wasn't great last year. Teams threw at Revis more as they sensed perhaps his play wasn't as sharp. Revis island got what he wanted last time. Why did he even bother inking a 4 year deal. Hey Darrelle why not just sign a 1 year deal or 2 years and then hit the market again if you are so confident in your play and so wanting to threaten  the Jets with another holdout? You will always get top market value that way if your play dictates that.

Yes Revis is still an excellent player and future hall of famer but every player is replaceable, even Revis. Ask the Raiders and Eagles about Nnamdi Asomugha. He was the only DB compared to Revis. How did that work out. The Raiders didn't meet his demands-the Eagles did and his play was mediocre.

The Jets have some depth in the defensive backfield. Laron Landry can fill in and the kid  Kyle Wilson from Boise is getting better. No reason this time to meet Revis demands and for what> So next year he can play the same game and hold the gun to the Jets head? No thanks.

Now if the Jets think they can make a deal that works for them then by all means do a deal. But if you quake every time a player sits out then guess what-players will be lining up for more and more and well what about the sanctity of your signed deal? Does it mean anything?

It seems pretty apparent while Revis talent and work ethic is solid his signature means nothing. I am all for players getting what they can. Especially football players. But if you holdout and then sign a deal then threaten to hold out again before THAT DEAL is up well it tells me there is no deal you can make that will satisfy that player.

The Jets should let Revis sit and don't capitulate this time. It sends a bad message to your football team and really while last time the fans were with the player I think this time they will side with the ballclub. Jets camp opens on July 26th. Will Revis show? it isn't looking good and you know what the Jets will survive. Let him sit!