As the Calander hits November this is usually the time the New England Patriots kick it into high gear,however that was then and this is now and for all those fans fearing the Bellicheck and Brady machine don't worry their run is over----for now.  The Patriots run of AFC East titles and playoff spots ends this year. Playoff participants 7 of the last 8 years this year the Pats will be watching the post season fun on TV. The Buffalo Bills are better offensively and the NY Jets are superior defensively.

The Patriots no longer excel at anything. Their passing game has been nuetralized,their running game is a non factor, their offensive line is average at best,they have no deep threat at wide Reciever, No one to fear on defense and a kicking game that's ok but no spectacular. The Dallas Cowboys showed how to defense this Patriot club-Hit those talented but smallish receivers at the line and get after Brady like Pittsburgh did in yesterdays ballgame. Knowing Brady and Bellichek this malaise won't last long but Patriot haters this is your time to rejoice. When the playoff commence in January the road won't go thru Foxboro because Foxboro will be quiet and dark. The baton has been handed to both the Bills and Jets and now we see who is better between those 2 this Sunday coming up in Buffalo. It's been a nice run for the Pats but Brady has probably won his last Super Bowl unless Bellicheck can rebuild fast. It's been a great run for this group but the fun is over.  Imagine if the Fins weren't so bad this Patriot team could be celler dwellers but the fish ineptitude will keep that from happening. Enjoy 3rd place Patriot fans your time is up!