Halloween and Hockey became victims of the multimillion dollar race baiting business sadly yesterday. Phoenix Coyotes Forward Raffy Torres of Spanish decent was labeled a racist by the race baiting lunatics cause he dared to wear a Jay Z costume and his wife dressed like Jay's wife Beyonce at the teams Halloween party. For those new to this disgusting business it usually eminated from 1 political party who see everything down the lines of race and frankly are usually the biggest racists themselves. Now according to these deranged moonbats a white dude or spanish person can't dress up as a Black guy yet no word from the race baiting officials if a Black person can dress up as whitey.

Sadly the team struggling to stay in Phoenix and find a new buyer had to waste their time putting out a statement denying Torres is a racist. Course if it were me I would have told the race hate and race bait business where to stick their premises and snap judgements. Sadly this country is loaded with these morons. I laugh at them. Again everything they see is based on race yet it is they who have a problem with people of different race's and religions. The race business has lined the pockets of many and ruined many a career and lives.