We all have our favorites. Sports. Teams. Games. But is there any debate the best regular season sports event is the most unique. It's time for the Winter Classic Monday is Philadelphia between the NY Rangers and the Flyers.

Ok I am done with the facts now it's onto the fandom. I hate the Flyers, Cant stand the city of Filthadelphia and the Flyer fans. The place is a dump save for the historicle areas. Been there and always glad to get out of that hell hole. the people are mean,vile, and beating them is always a wonderful thing. I also happen to be a HUGE Rangers fan so I am thrilled my team gets the spotlight Monday afternoon. I love this Rangers team. Save for a little more muscle they have the total package. the best golie in the NHL. A defense that hasn't missed a beat even without super talent and leader Marc Staal and newbie Mark Sauer. Nice to see coach John Torterella allowing the boys to play a more offensive game and they have responded. Marion Gaborick leads the NHL in goals and as of yet Brad Richards hasn't caught fire. Youth.Speed. The Rangers have it all

Then you have the Flyers. Momma said if you have nothing good to say say nothing so I am done talking about the Flyers.

Back to the event itself. No other sport reaches back to their roots in a regular season event like the WC. Most of these players grew up playing on ponds, outdoors, and in the cold. This will be the highlight for many of these players in their careers. So far the NHL has gotten lucky weather wise. Snow has fallen but rain and wind have been minimul so far. Let's hope it stays that way.

Oh last word on crappy Philadelphia. Congrats to the city of brotherly hate as philly now leads the country in murders per capita. Be careful  if you are a Ranger and 1 of you philly fans might want to call the cops around 3pm Monday when another slaughter takes place, this 1 of the legal variety when the Rangers slap around the Fly Boys again!