For all of you who live in the proverbial glass house, and just like to cast opinions on everyone else's personal lives you won't like this. Mark down the date and tournament because Tiger Woods is back and as a golf fan I am thrilled. The Tiger leads at the Australian open after 2 rounds and when was the last time he has led after 2 rounds-It's been a  long time. As we approach the 2 year anniversary of the Tiger trevails  the return of golfs most interesting player is a welcome sight. Full disclosure-I am not a Tiger fan. I am a Michelson homer,he playing left handed like me,going to school at ASU which is where I lived for almost 20 years and being a solid dude. However I thought and still think the treatment Tiger got from the public was a disgrace. Who Tiger sleeps with,hangs with,party's with is none of my biz and none of anyone's as far as I am concerned. when we are all perfect people then we can judge but that's not the case and never will be. I love the hate spewed at Tiger by the  so called do gooders and hypocrites. Heck if I made that kind of bread and lived that kind of lifestyle I can't say I wouldn't fall to life's temptations. I especially love the objections from those who say he is a pitchman for products therefore you have a right to know all that makes up the Tiger. No you don't. You don't buy those products cause Tiger is pitching them you buy them cause you want the product and know Tiger doesn't pitch junk and who wants to buy junk

I am also a huge Jack Nicholas fan and much of me wants him to retain the most major's title ever however if Eldrick snatches it away good for him,until them he isn't the greatest ever. What he is is the greatest showman the game has seen in years and the biggest drawing card the game has ever known. While I will watch any PGA major and some not so major tournaments even I have to admit it hasn't been the same without the red shirted Woods on the prowl on Sunday. So to those who made the judgements,to those who made it seem like they were those whose lives are wrapped around what others do and especially to those can't keep their nose out of others personal lives I say  1 thing to you--RRRRRRRRR! the Tiger is on the roar again.