San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum and outfielder Hunter Pence perform hilarious impersonations of each other.  Lincecum’s impression is spot on.

Did Tim Lincecum nail this impression of Hunter Pence or what?  Being a pitcher in the National League, Lincecum obviously has to make a number of plate appearances each season.  Yeah, Lincecum’s batting average was a mere .089 in 2012, and he only got four hits in 45 at bats.  However, Lincecum at least has experience handling a bat.

Tim Lincecum’s hitting experience helped him nail this impression of Hunter Pence.  Obviously, Lincecum’s ability to simply make mental notes of Pence’s odd mannerisms helped him out the most.  Tim absolutely nailed this impression of Pence during the 20th annual KNBR 680 San Francisco Giants Fan Fest at AT&T Park.  It was so good that Pence couldn’t do anything but give Lincecum a fist bump out of admiration.

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