Tim Tebow is getting outplayed in training camp by Kyle Orton.  Don't expect NFL stardom from Tebow.

Tim Tebow has reportedly been struggling in training camp.  Kyle Orton is outplaying him.  This shouldn't be a shock.  Kyle Orton is simply the better quarterback.  Orton is consistent, accurate, and doesn't have a throwing motion that takes a half hour to complete like Tebow.

Tim Tebow was a great college football player.  That doesn't mean that his game is going to automatically translate to the next level.  It's a different game in the NFL compared to college.  Defenses are bigger, faster, and stronger.  The passing windows are much tighter.  The margin for error is much smaller.  Tebow doesn't have a strong enough skill set as a passer to excel in the NFL.  That's the bottom line.