Mark Sanchez is the only Quarterback in the NFL who can't have a backup to push him to greater heights, at least that's the impression you get when reading the NY press or national media any time the Jets bring in  a possible backup. Go see the reaction when the Jets brought in Tim Tebow.

Oh the headlines glared something along the lines of " What will this do to Sanchez's confidence" or something along those lines. Now it is repeating itself with the Jet's selection of Geno Smith of West Virginia. I am personally sick of it. Time to fix the problem. Cut Sanchez and eat the mistake of extending his contract well before he earned the new deal.

The constant whining and crying about Sanchez's confidence is nauseating frankly. Hey put on your big boy pants. This is the National Football League. NFL for short. Not for long in the acronym. if you aren't good or don't produce you are not for long for the NFL. Gosh competition for a mediocre performer which is what Sanchez has been for most of his career.

Oh all was ok when the Jets had old man Mark Brunell as the backup. No threat really. Then you heard nothing. The bad news was Brunell would have been a disaster if he had to replace Sanchez. But when proven talents or unproven possibilities came on the scene the crying started.

Seems every QB in the league who isn't named Brady. Rogers, or Manning it's ok to have  a backup who could compete for the starting job but not the Jets. Oh the calamity of it all.

Sanchez did some nice things for the Jets. Helped them get to 2 AFC title games. Perhaps some better play from Sanchez would have gotten the Jets over the Steeler road block. Perhaps not. perhaps better regular season play would have netted them a better seed and a home playoff game. All conjecture I realize. But the bottom line is this-Sanchez has been mostly mediocre or worse. The last 2 years far far worse. Sanchez has been lousy for 2 years. Remember not for long. NFL.

I am neither pro or anti Sanchez. I am pro winning. the Jets haven't won with Sanchez. the excuse makers will tell you about lack of weapons. It hasn't been as bad as many make it out to be. The Jets aren't the Patriots or Saints but their offense has been adequate and their defense stout yet the Jets have been mediocre and worse the last 2 years. Sanchez's numbers lacking. His decision making weak. His sad puppy face disturbing. I have seen enough. It's time for the Jets to eat the remainder of his deal they should never have given  him and let him go on his way. Sanchez has virtually no chance to success in New York. The fans have had it with him. See his video board intro at the Knicks-Celtics playoff game last Saturday. Booo's reigned down from the MSG faithful. Jet fans have had it with Sanchez, and after backing him for most of the 4 years so am I.

The Jets plan going forward should be to cut Sanchez, make David Gerrard the starter with a short leash, let Geno learn, and when ready make him the starter. It's time to cut the losses and move on already. It's time for Sanchez to go!