The Patriots have taken Tebow-mania and thrown it down the stairs and out the window.  New England beat up the Denver Broncos 45-10.

What a performance by the New England Patriots.  They didn't do anything flashy, but were able to punch Denver right in the mouth with a great game from Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and the Patriot defense.  Brady would set the record for most TD's in a half during the playoffs with five TD's in the first, three of those five going to Rob Gronkowski.

Tim Tebow played like, well, Tim Tebow. 136 yards and no TD's.  He had a tough time getting his receivers to catch the ball.  Too many dropped passes by the Denver offense made it tough to complete a first down, which they only had 15 the whole game to New Englands 31.

Now the Pat's wait to see who wins the Ravens and Houston game later today.  Beware the Patriots though, because they look deadly.