Tom Coughlin will remain head coach of the New York Giants.  The announcement was made just after the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs for a second straight year.New York Giants president and CEO John Mara announced that Tom Coughlin will not be fired.  There was speculation that the Giants might fire the 64-year old Coughlin and possibly persue Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden.

Although the Giants beat the Redskins 17-14 on Sunday, they were eliminated by the Green Bay Packers who beat the Bears 10-3.  John Mara said the following after the Giants playoff elimination: "I'm obviously disappointed we didn't make the playoffs but that doesn't mean you blow the whole thing up."

That's an interesting statement.  It doesn't mean you're blowing anything up just because you make a coaching change.  How do we know for sure the Giants wouldn't be better with Bill Cowher next year?  We don't.

Coughlin isn't solely responsible for the Giants' demise.  You could argue that he's not even the primary reason they're not going to the playoffs again.  The G-Men turned the ball over 42 times this season.  I would vote for turnovers being the primary reason Big Blue will be watching the playoffs from their couches.

The question isn't whether Tom Coughlin is the reason the Giants didn't make the playoffs or not.  The question should be this: Is Tom Coughlin the best option moving forward?

Coughlin is 64-years old.  He's the oldest coach in the league.  If the Giants aren't comfortable with giving Coughlin a contract extension now, there is a very good chance one of the big-name coaches won't be available in 2012.  I'd make a move now.