Well there had to be a 1st and Yuri Wright is it. The youngster from New Jersey who is 1 of the top cornerback prospects in the country has caused a major controversy in social media circles and recruitment. The teenager despite several warnings from his high school coaches continued to tweet out deragatory messages towards woman, Jews, Blacks and anyone else he felt like it to the point he was kicked off his High school team and has college teams that were interested in him backing off.

Michigan has announced they will not go forward with trying to sign Wright and Notre Dame is going to do the same. His home state team Rutgers hasn't announced their plans as of yet and neither has Colorado who is also in the running for the stud CB.

Because of language rules I can't post Wright's  exact tweets on our page. I did read some of them and yes they are explosive. According to Wright's high school coaches they warned him several times about his twitter account and the material he was posting. We have yet to hear from the kids parents or any family for that matter. Wright's tweets do not speak kindly to how he views woman although I have to say this language isn't uncommon in locker rooms especially with young men.

Calling woman bitches and hoes isn't unique in some circles. Part of me thinks this is PC run Amok. Go on any playground with young boys and men and you can hear this sort of language. Not saying it's right. Just saying it is.

Wright also is fond based on his tweets of calling Blacks  the N word (Wright is Black) and even mocks a Jewish woman for being splashed as she walked by a puddle by Wright's father. Again nothing to be proud of.

I bet if I walked into the Michigan locker room on any given day this sort of language would be flying as in many locker rooms. I have to kind of laugh at the hypocrisy of Michigan and perhaps Notre Dame. National signing day is Feb 1st. I am guessing if Wright is the goods as far as a player goes other schools will want his talents-without his twitter account.

Let's be real here ok. This is nothing more then PC. Nothing in Wright's past indicate any run in's with the law. Sure he has a fresh mouth. He is a kid. Maturity hasn't hit Yuri at this point. But not recruit him because of it? Hey Michigan is entitled to do as they want as are the Irish but here is betting that they won't be kicking any player off the team because he calls a woman a hoe! PC and hypocrisy at it's worst. I would still recruit the kid, talk to him, see if he is troubled and if so why then decide if i want him on my club and in my school.