As the United States gets set to kick off their World Cup campaign, the writers of NoTicketSports sat down to discuss their coach's claims that the team cannot win the tournament, as well as the veracity of his claim.

Should Klinsmann have said that it's not realistic for his team to win the World Cup?  Is he right?

The truth of the soccer world is that a manager proclaiming his squad inferior is nothing new.  Chelsea's Jose Mourinho has made a career of such manipulations.  Still, though, given his audience - an American audience for whom hope is always alive - why do it?  Why not answer a question about the team's chances with more tact?  A simple "we're taking this one game at a time" would have worked, or, "we're going to do the best we possibly can."

To come out and doom your team before they've played a single game seems, if nothing else, like a jerk move.

He is, though, correct.  The U.S. has no chance of winning the World Cup, and slim hopes of advancing out of their group - though those chances were buoyed today by Portugal's embarrassing showing in their first game against Germany.