The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore gives a shoutout to Tim Tebow while reporting on Hurricane Isaac.  

For a guy who can't play quarterback in the NFL very well, Tim Tebow sure is one popular dude.  Tim Tebow is so popular that Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore mentioned the New York Jets' quarterback during coverage of Hurricane Isaac on Wednesday.  While Cantore was getting pushed around by high wind, he knelt down and said, "For whatever it's worth, I hope I'm making Tebow proud."

Can you imagine what the world would be like if Tim Tebow is actually a successful NFL quarterback?  I think it might be the end of the world as we know it if Tebow turns out to be successful.  The man is insanely popular following a season when he completed 46.5% of his passes.  Just think if Tebow put up numbers like Aaron Rodgers or won a Super Bowl like Eli Manning.  I might have to leave the country to escape the barrage of Tebow coverage if that ever happened.

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