There’s something romantic about Opening Day.

The fresh cut grass, cut into some intricate pattern that you could never do in your own yard.

The crack of the wood bat -- something that gets lost in the ping of nearly all levels of baseball now.

The sunflowers cracking between your teeth. The drone of the commentary in the background. The bond forged by a father and son playing catch.

The list goes on.

Yes, Opening Day is romantic. Even when its 40 degrees and windy, nothing can quite beat the optimism that comes with a new baseball season.

A new baseball season solidifies the change of the calendar seasons. As the weather finally gets better, our lives get better. The baseball season runs through the entire summer. Cookouts, summer vacation, camping trips and swimming pools; all of the stuff we love about summer runs parallel to baseball season.

So, on this opening day, enjoy it. Nearly everyone is tied for first today. Your team may be out of it in June, but not today.

I urge you to soak it in and be optimistic about your team, because with the winter we have endured, this is the first real sign that better times are coming.

Welcome back, baseball. We missed you.